What are the uses of hydrochloric acid in different fields?

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  Industrial use: Hydrochloric acid is a strong inorganic acid, which is widely used in industrial processing, such as the essence of metals. Hydrochloric acid often determines the quality of products.

  1. In analytical chemistry, when acid is used to determine the concentration of alkali, hydrochloric acid is usually used to titrate.

  2. One of the most important uses of hydrochloric acid is pickling steel.

  3. Another primary use of hydrochloric acid is to prepare organic compounds, such as vinyl chloride, dichloroethane, polycarbonate precursor bisphenol A, catalytic adhesive polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde, ascorbic acid and so on.

  4. Hydrochloric acid can produce many inorganic compounds because of its acid-base reaction.

  5. Hydrochloric acid can be used to regulate the pH value of solution.

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  Biological uses:

  There is a special gland on the stomach wall of humans and other animals that converts the salt eaten into hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is a component of gastric juice (concentration is about 0.5%). It can make gastric juice adhere to the optimum pH required to activate pepsin. It can also denaturate and hydrolyze proteins in salt, and kill bacteria that enter the stomach with food.

  In addition, after hydrochloric acid enters the small intestine, it can promote the secretion of pancreatic and intestinal juice, as well as the secretion and discharge of bile. The acidic environment also helps the absorption of iron and calcium in the small intestine.

  Daily use:

  The use of hydrochloric acid can react with insoluble alkali to produce toilet cleaning, rust remover and other daily necessities.

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