Harmful effects of industrial hydrochloric acid on human beings

2019-09-03 27

  Hydrochloric acid invades the human body mainly through inhalation or ingestion through the mouth and nose, and can also affect the skin. Damages to health are as follows: touching its steam or smoke causes conjunctivitis, burning sensation of nasal and oral mucosa, epistaxis, gingival bleeding, tracheitis, and chronic bronchitis; affecting skin can cause dermatitis. Accidental salt poisoning can cause digestive tract burns and ulcers, severe may lead to gastric perforation, peritonitis and so on. If skin touch occurs, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes immediately or with 2% sodium bicarbonate solution; if there is a burn, it should be treated in hospital. When touching eyes, the eyelids should be lifted immediately and washed with flowing water for 10 minutes or with 2% sodium bicarbonate solution. Respiratory tract inhalation should be quickly removed from the site to the fresh air. When breathing is difficult, oxygen should be given immediately, and 2% - 4% sodium bicarbonate solution should be inhaled after atomization and treated. If they enter from the esophagus, they should rinse their mouths and take milk, egg white and vegetable oil orally. They should not vomit and seek medical treatment immediately.

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